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4/6/20 3:18:32 PM
Most of CEOs prefer focusing on innovation to capitalise new Opportunities20 YEARS INSIDE THE MIND OF THE CEO1379 interviewed in 79 Countries World trade is now growing more slowly than world GDP Top ten threats to your organisation’s growth prospects Top four raises since 2015As technology in the workplace increases-Robots are now entering the services arena and artificial intelligence(AI) will affect numerous industries Believe technology will cause job losses over the next five years.Yet CEOs still need people
44%           of CEOs say globalisation has not helped to close the gap between rich and poorTwo thirds of CEOs agree that Globalisation has benefited connectivity, trade and capital mobilityPlan to hire more employees. Clearly, CEOs see the value of marrying technology with uniquely human capabilities.  Skills hard to find and those that can’t be performed by machinesPlan to cut their company’s headcount over the next 12 monthsData source: PWC report