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HistogramThe standard way to show a statistical distribution - keep the gaps between columns small to highlight the ‘shape’ of the data.BoxplotSummarise multiple distributions by showing the median (centre) and range of the dataPopulation PyramidSimilar to boxplot but more effective with complex distributions.Frequency PolygonsFor displaying multile distributions of data like a regular line chart, best limited to a 3 to4 datasets.Dots placed in order on a strip are a space-efficient method of laying out ranks across multiple categories.Dot Strip PlotDotplotA simple way of showing the change or range (min/max) of data across multiple categories.Cumulative CurveA good way of showing how unequal a distribution is: y axis is always cumulative frequency, x axis is always a measure.Barcode PlotLike dot strip plots, good for displaying all the data in a table, they work best when highlighting individual values.
DistributionShow values in a dataset and how often they occur. The shape (or ‘skew’) of a distribution can be a memorable way of highlighting the lack of uniformity or equality in the data.