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LineThe standard way to show a changing time series. If data are irregular, consider markers to represent data points.Line+ColumnColumns work well for showing change over time - but usually best with only one series of data at a time.ColumnArea ChartUse with care – these are good at showing changes to total, but seeing change in components can be very difficult.Calendar HeatmapA great way of showing temporal patterns at the expense of showing precision in quantity.SlopeGood for showing changing data as long as the data can be simplified into 2 or 3 points without missing a key part of story.Candle StickUsually focused on day to day activity, these chart show open/close and hi/low points dailyFan ChartUse to show the uncertainty in future projections - usually this grows the further forward to projection.Priestley TimelineGreat when date and duration are key elements of the story in the data.Circle TimelineGood for showing discrete values of varying size across multiple categories (e.g., sales by quarter).Change over TimeGive emphasis to changing trends. These can be short movements or extended series traversing decades:Choosing the correct time period is important to provide suitable context for the reader.