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The standard way to compare size of things. Must start at zero for the axis
The standard way to compare size of things. Good when data are not time series and labels are long
A good way of showing size and proportion at the same time
As per standard bar but allows multiple series. Tricky to read with more than 2 series
Excellent solution in some instances- only only with whole numbers
Lollipops draw more attention to the data value than standard bar and column
Use when there are big variations in values
Good for showing measurement against target or performancfe range
An Alternative to radar charts , again the placement of variables is important
ColumnBarPaired ColumnPictogram/IsotypeGrouped SymbolProportional SymbolPaired BarLollipop ChartBullet ChartParallel CordinatesAn alternative to bar column when counting data is usefulMagnitude